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Losing a loved one can, of course, be an emotional and difficult experience. However, under these circumstances, there will also be a number of practical and legal matters that will need attention. Our empathetic team have years of experience in executry services, and can explain clearly the step to you to ensure the estate of your loved one it effectively distributed.

Executry/Probate Lawyers in Helensburgh and Dumbarton

We are happy to provide any advice you need in relation to the necessary steps you must take when a loved one passes away. We can help you with every stage of the process, registering the death and arranging the funeral.

After these initial steps have been taken, our experienced solicitors will handle all the financial and legal matters arising from the death, assisting in the proper and fair distribution of your loved one's estate.

At the outset of the executry, we will start by gathering up all the relevant information relating to assets, debts and family members to assist in the accurate completion of the inventory of the estate.

If your loved one did not make a Will, we will prepare and lodge in the Sheriff Court a writ for the appointment of an executor (in other words, the person or group of persons tasked with the gathering up and distribution of the estate), and if necessary, will obtain an Insurance Guarantee (known as a Bond of Caution).

To enable us to obtain the necessary 'Confirmation' of the estate, we will then obtain valuations of all the estate assets and details of all the liabilities. From this information, an inventory of the estate will be completed and submitted to the local Sheriff Court, in order that the executor's appointment can be confirmed and the Confirmation document issued.

If inheritance tax is payable (which only applies to some larger estates), arrangements will need to be made to provide funds to pay this, as Confirmation will not be granted until the estimated amount of inheritance tax has been paid.

Winding up the estate

Once Confirmation is obtained, the assets can then be collected and the liabilities, including the funeral account and any other bills, will be paid. Any legacies can then be paid. If the winding up of the estate is likely to take some time and there are funds available, a payment to account to the residuary beneficiaries may be made.

Thereafter, once all of the assets have been ingathered or transferred, and any liabilities paid (including where necessary, agreeing and paying the final balance of inheritance tax to the Capital Taxes Office), an account will be prepared detailing all the sums received and spent, and showing the balance to be divided among the residuary beneficiaries. This account will require to be approved by the executor before the final distribution can be made.

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