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How to make a competitive offer as a first time buyer

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As you might know, we advertise our homes for sale and to rent on as many portals as possible, including the Glasgow Solicitors Property Centre (GSPC) and Rightmove.  We also do this at, which if you've not heard of it before, is an exceptional, state-of-the-art property search service on which thousands of estate agents advertise their properties around the UK.


As an example of the type of advice it offers buyers and sellers, here's a recent blog from about how to make a competitive offer as a first time buyer, and we would recommend that after you read this, you browse the site for more guides and to find homes you might be interested in.

If you need anything else, a point in the right direction particularly in relation to the local markets in the Dumbarton and Helensburgh areas, just give us a call on 01436672212 or 01389762266.

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